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Raise awareness and mobilise your audience over common causes and objectives.

Easily design your games or digitise your content in a fun way in a matter of minutes.

100% customisable to suit your colours with your logo, images, videos and text.

Can be shared on all communication channels: websites, social media, email, newsletters, text, QR Codes, print…

Mobile-first and compatible with all devices : smartphones, tablets, desktop, digital displays and touch screens.

Collect data and analyse the results in real time from your control panel.

Take advantage of the catalogue of applications year-round. Create more in-depth immersive experiences with the Dynamic Path™.

Nonprofit: make the most of gamification





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Inspiration & Success Stories


Attract other companies

The results of this quiz-based campaign have been very positive. We have received several requests from companies in ... Read More

Conglomerating Marketing Manager



Our game-based campaign created immediate engagement with the general public and boosted donations to the organisatio... Read More

Communications Officer


Engage local and national communities

We are very satisfied with our Drimify partnership and we have received a lot of very positive feedback on this digit... Read More

Organisation Secretary


Develop tourism and exposure

We are very satisfied with the photo competition campaign which allowed us to highlight the most beautiful places in ... Read More

Tourism Development Manager


Raise public awareness

The results of the experiment are very positive.

Using games in our campaign has allowed us to reach a wider a... Read More


Create & share

A simple interface that you already know how to use!

Create in just a few minutes

Integrate in seconds

Share without limits


Immediate results

Monitor your results in real time and from the first interactions.

Analyse your stats

Export all the data

Renew the experience

Different ways to use Drimify

12 reasons to choose Drimify

Advanced Graphics Customisation

Easy Integration

Popular Game Concepts

Quality Gameplay

HTML5 Technology

Cross-platform (mobile & PC)

Branding and Co-branding


Super-fast CDN hosting

White label

The most competitive offer on the market

Delivered in a few minutes

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Inspiration Pack

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Strategy Pack

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Assistance Pack

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Creation Pack

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Tailor-made Pack

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