Digitise. Gamify. Discover smart solutions to social distancing for every sector: marketing, events, HR, training and education.

Digitise. Gamify. Discover smart solutions to social distancing for every sector: marketing, events, HR, training and education.

👨‍🚀 COVID-19 update: The Drimify team is working to ensure your services are uninterrupted and you can continue to boost engagement with your target audience. 

👋 From marketing and events, human resources, and training to education, discover our sector-specific solutions below.

The enforcement of social distancing around the world is changing how we communicate. We are taking the following steps to support our customers and the wider community:

Drimify’s 5 Key Objectives:

📌 Inform: Sharing accurate information about the Covid-19 outbreak to ensure we are behaving appropriately, responsibly and safely.

📌 Reassure: Staying up-to-date with and communicating to our customers any action taken by local and national authorities, including legislative developments and official guidance.

📌 Implicate: Working together to ensure an appropriate collaborative response to the current situation.

📌 Entertain: Staying positive, keeping connected and taking part in fun activities.

📌 Motivate: Focusing on our goals and working to achieve them, whether that’s addressing the strategic challenges of a business or supporting others, and utilising remote working methods for the benefit and safety of all involved.

Drimify: A solution for every sector:

📣 Marketing: Social distancing shouldn’t limit your digital communications. Find new ways to engage with existing customers, generate new leads, build your brand and reach new audiences. Contact us to find out how Drimify can help you boost your digital communication, remotely.

🎤 Events: Use online events, video communications and unique games to interact with your audience and engage with customers digitally. Offer your audience fun ways to interact at a safe distance.

👩‍💼 Human Resources: Keep your employees feeling motivated and positive with interactive challenges, gamification and new ways to collaborate online. From one-off events to weekly tournaments, the Dynamic Playground lets you create a custom gamification strategy for your business.

👨‍🏫 Training: While social distancing, offer your customers distance learning content to ensure training isn’t put on hold and integrate gamification to entertain learners. The Dynamic Training Course allows you to create a learning strategy comprising various training modules, such as quizzes and educational games, or more serious challenges.

👨‍🎓 Education: We are supporting teachers and academics by offering Drimify services FREE of charge during the Covid-19 outbreak. Create educational resources such as quizzes, tests and educational games and content – at no cost to you. Find out more here !

Other: We all need to pull together to fight the coronavirus outbreak; that’s why we’re supporting initiatives working to improve the current situation. Tell us about your project and we’ll build the digital tools required to help you and others around the world.

We want to support you in your digital transformation by offering the best new communications solutions and generating ways to boost remote engagement using our gamification expertise. With over 10 years’ experience and in-depth knowledge of a range of sectors, when you need an innovative, hands-on approach, we’ll be by your side.

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