Our secret recipe to enhancing audience engagement

Our secret recipe to enhancing audience engagement

Whether you are a marketing manager, digital project manager or community manager, all marketeers are looking for the best audience engagement rate possible. This is the goal we set for ourselves and for our clients.

Our promise: a high engagement rate of 85% and more.

It’s no secret that engaging content and relevant targeting are the ingredients for success, but the knack of knowing how to do this is vitally important. We can create a buzz every day about your product or service, ensuring engaging interactions with your audience throughout the year. Highlights – or even the low points – of the year are opportunities to {{create and maintain a strong connection with your audience}}.

The 5 secret ingredients to audience engagement

Campaign objectives
What do you want out of this experience? This can include collecting data for your CRM entries for your newsletter, recruiting followers on social networks, user reviews, information about the customer experience, statistics …anything and everything is possible.

The cost per engagement (CPE)
This is the cost per user who gets to the end of the campaign. CPE ensures that you are only charged when your message is received by highly engaged customers, meaning value for money for you, and useful content for your audience..

Gamification is applied where typical elements of game playing, for example point scoring or competition with others, is used to dramatically increase the number of engaged users.

Branded content
This technique makes it possible to position your product or service in a fun way at the heart of the campaign. It includes sponsorship, product placement and personalized recommendation.

Broadcast Channels
These are the big influencers, and include websites, blogs and social networks. You can use your existing network, and we will recommend new relevant leads.

The 7 steps of the recipe

It’s very simple!

For best results we recommend using all the above ingredients, but you can use as many as you like for yourself or together in agreement with your partner digital agency:

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have!

We’ll be able to report on has successful audience engagement has been at the end of the campaign.

The knack

It is our expertise that makes a difference!

With over 10 years of experience in digital, web marketing and gamification, we have made these our signature services.

We revisit your campaigns in different forms to ensure engagement:

In the end, it’s a fat-free approach – our goal is to reach your goal!

Here’s some case study examples and statistics in various sectors:


The campaign of the partnership between TRADITIONS D’ASIE (LDC Group) and M6 (Channel 6 on French TV) required data collection at the national level.

See demo


We applied our recipe for success to Jungle Editions throughout the year to develop engagement and encourage the collection of data on their website.

As an example of our all-inclusive formula, the launch of the Bloody Harry comic book with the community of Harry Potter fans resulted in:

See demo


Drimlike made the cover of MANAGEMENT magazine on the topic “Innovation: do you have the makings of an intrapreneur?” with the realisation of an engaging and original personality test.

Read the article


The National Museum of Scotland gamified their late night #MonkeyBusiness event via an original personality test “What primate are you?” to create engagement and build awareness of the event with the public.

See demo


A great concept of Product Selector : Not sure which Orbi system is perfect for your home? Let us help select the best Orbi for you…

See demo

More case studies are available on the Drimify website where you can open an account and discover more interactive experiences.

Now that you know exactly what’s going on in the kitchen, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or simply want to see a prototype of what could be your next campaign.

(The advice is always free at Drimify!)

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