Terms and conditions

Welcome and thank you for choosing to use Drimify.

These are the terms of conditions for the use of the services (“Services”) found on the Drimify web site (“Site”).

By using our Services you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before accessing the Site and using the Services.


The Services are only available for use by individuals over the age of 13.

If you are using the Services on behalf of a business, that business will be bound by these terms and conditions.


If you create a Drimify account, you are responsible for all activity that occurs through and in connection with that account.

You must not use your account to carry out any illegal or misleading activity. Drimify may suspend, limit or deactivate your account if it considers that the account has been used in an unlawful or inappropriate manner.

Please keep your password private and change it on a regular basis. You must let Drimify know if you suspect unauthorised use of your Drimify account.

You can delete your account at any time. Accounts can’t be reactivated after deletion – you will have to open a fresh account.

Use of our Services

You must not misuse our Services. Please follow the guidance provided throughout to get the most out of our Services. Don’t attempt to interfere with our Services or use them in any way that is not included in the guidance we provide.

Using our Services doesn’t give you ownership over them or over any content existing on the Site. You must not remove or alter any content on the Site, including logos and legal notices.

We do not monitor all content that is added to the Site. We’re not responsible for the use or effect of user content on the Site. Users are responsible for protecting themselves and their systems from harmful content.

Fair Usage Policy

As part of our commitment to providing a high-quality, fast and reliable service, Drimify have a Fair Use Policy (also referred to as the FUP) for its Software as a Service (SaaS) Products.

The FUP contains guidelines for customers’ use of the Drimify products to ensure that each customer has a consistently high-quality experience. Drimify take measures to ensure usage is within reasonable parameters and in accordance with the license.

Why do we have a Fair Usage Policy?

Drimify products offer a multi-tenant service. This means that our products are used concurrently by a number of subscribers. If a single customer places very high demands on the service then it is possible that this will affect the experience for other users.

The vast majority of our customers use their service considerately and their usage levels during peak hours don’t disproportionately affect the shared network and service capacity. Even though only a very small number of our customers may use the service inappropriately, their activity has the potential to affect the service for others. Our Fair Use Policy manages the inappropriate use and makes sure the service can be used fairly by everyone.

The Fair Usage Policy

Usage of Drimify is monitored on a continuous basis. Only customers that consistently generate exceptionally high load over a sustained period of time will be affected by the Drimify FUP.

If a customer repeatedly exceeds this FUP, Drimify reserve the right to restrict service or levy charges for excessive usage (i.e. recommend to apply for a Premium account).

Extenuating Circumstances

Drimify understand that customers will occasionally have very high volumes of traffic outside of normal usage patterns. In those cases where this traffic can be predicted Drimify request to be informed with as much notice as possible to ensure that service delivery remains consistently high.


Via our Services you can upload and publish content. You have full ownership and responsibility for all content, whether public or private, that you upload and publish through your Drimify account.

When you publish your content, you agree that others will be able to view it. You can delete your content at any time, but please note that you may not be able to retrieve it after it has been deleted.

By adding content to the Site, you agree that Drimify can use that content for the purposes of providing and improving our Services. This will include reproducing, modifying, translating and distributing the content.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how we deal with personal information.

All content added to the Site must not:

Updating our services

We are constantly working to improve and evolve our Services. We may make changes to our Services and the Site from time to time without notice, and can stop – temporarily or permanently – providing one more of the Services without notification.


You can create a standard account for free. If you wish to publish your content or use the advanced version of the platform, which allows you to customise the Services and get an overall enhanced experience, you must agree to pay for the Services in line with our payment terms.

Access to the advanced version of the platform will begin as soon as your initial payment is processed. You’ll be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase, plus applicable taxes (such as value added tax when the stated rate doesn’t include VAT), every year for the duration of your contract. If the applicable VAT rate (or other included tax or duty) changes during your one-year term, the tax-inclusive price will adjust accordingly.

Your contract will renew automatically, on your annual renewal date, until you cancel. Renewal rates are subject to change, but we’ll always notify you beforehand.

If you cancel within 7 days of your order, and you haven’t published any content from your account, you’ll be fully refunded. Should you cancel after 7 days, and again you haven’t published any content from your account, you’ll be charged 50% of your remaining contract obligation and your service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period. If you cancel within or after 7 days and you have published content from your account, you will be charged the full amount and you will not qualify for a refund. Cancellations can be made any time by visiting your account page or by contacting Customer Support.

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