Virtual Team Building: Bring the office together online

Virtual Team Building: Bring the office together online

Remote Team Building

Working together and team spirit in the office can become strained when staff are scattered across offices, or working remotely. Remote working may offer flexibility and better time management to those who need it, but it often lacks the emotional connection that even a simple chat by the kettle can spark. Without strong ties between staff employees may feel undervalued, negatively impacting on productivity and collaboration.

“Close friendships at work increase employee satisfaction by 50%,” according to the Harvard Business Review. The study continues that “people with a very good friend at work are seven times more likely to be fully engaged in their work”. This means that, for increasing numbers of remote workers, virtual team building is a hugely valuable tool.

Whatever the size of your team, wherever they are, it’s easy to organise remote team building with Drimify. Bring together 3, 50 or 1,000 employees to play an immersive and original game concept together. Create a game adapted to your company and your business objectives and offer staff a truly immersive experience using computers, tablets or smartphones, in a tailor-made gaming universe where they can play with and against colleagues.

Across one office or even multiple continents, it’s easy to get everyone together with remote team building.

Virtual Team Building Solutions

With virtual team building the possibilities are endless; the only limit is your imagination. Below you’ll find some example concepts so you can get inspired and see what can be achieved with the applications available in the Drimify catalogue.

One-off online team building

Whether you’re simply offering staff some light relief or collecting feedback on test concepts, a game is guaranteed to brighten your employees’ day. You can create a single quiz, longer games or more complex activities using the tools in the Drimify catalogue – and it only takes a few minutes. Share your unique content via email, text, intranet or social media and staff can start playing instantly.

30-Day Challenge

From a week to several months, the Dynamic Course module keeps participants engaged throughout the year. By creating a game scenario with a new fun activity every day or every week, you can kick-start your employee’s day or give them a lunch-break treat to look forward to. Drimify’s Dynamic Module lets you configure how and when new stages are unlocked, notify participants when stages are ready and spark a little competitive spirit with a ranking board – and rewards for the winner!

Team building and online training

Team building activities are also a great way to raise awareness, educate or train employees on company values, changes or news. Using a series of games, or a Dynamic Course, create fun sequences that blend training and entertainment through games which keep participants engaged whilst also ensuring key information is conveyed effectively. Through quizzes, educational games or video content, training can be a lot more fun! Simply let us know how you’d like to structure your training plan and we’ll bring the gamification magic.

After-Work / Out-of-hours digital activities

Socialising after work, relaxing and talking about life outside the office is key to boosting team spirit; old friendships are strengthened and new relationships are formed more easily away from the demands of the working day. And this can be achieved remotely! Drimify’s easy-to-make games on any theme can be used to make mini tournaments, with employees battling it out to be at the top of the table and winning prizes (or a forfeit for the loser!).

Ready to make your digital team building activity?

Whether you want total control over your gamification project or would rather use the Self-Service platform for an off-the-shelf solution, we’ll help to make sure your digital team building goes smoothly.

We’ll start by defining your strategy and overall aims, then:

Need advice? We’re always happy to share our ideas and expertise when it comes to gamification – get in touch!

Bring your team together – remotely

Virtual team building is a great way to unite teams and build a positive working environment for everyone. It offers real benefits; physical distance can quickly become emotional distance in the workplace. It’s so important to promote a corporate culture in which employees feel recognised and supported to reach their full potential.

Remote team building activities bring people together through fun activities such as games and quizzes. Digitising team building unites people even over great distances, motivating staff and bringing healthy competitive spirit to teams. A playful atmosphere improves a team’s dynamic whilst also offering a moment to let off a little steam.

With virtual team building, it’s possible to bring people together – no matter how far apart they may be.

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