Why use gamification in Human Resources?

Why use gamification in Human Resources?

Applying innovative and exciting tools in Human Resources can prove extremely challenging. Training, broadcasting information, recruiting, communicating…

There are so many aspects in which you must demonstrate your ingenuity in order to engage employees and stand out from the crowd. Have you heard of gamification? This term encompasses the concept of taking all of the mechanisms of a game and applying them to another area which has no direct link to the game. Clearly, Human Resources are not the only area in which this is becoming popular, but they are one of the main targets.

What is gamification in the HR context?

The term gamification is an English word, coined to summarise the use of gaming mechanisms in your own games, especially video games, for purposes other than simply enjoyment and entertainment. The goal of gamification is to make an activity more fun, focusing more on engaging individuals taking part or even introducing a viral element eventually. In the context of Human Resources, the principle of gamification can be used for communication, training or even recruitment campaigns.

The mechanisms commonly taken from the gaming world to gamify HR are:

Gamification and Human Resources – a winning combo?

HR is therefore very well disposed to the use of gamification in its various tasks, but how does it work in practice?

One possible use for it is within your recruitment campaigns. Three main difficulties can arise during recruitment:

The introduction of gamification can rectify this as it is able to:

The result of the game (win or lose) is not the main outcome; it’s more a question of the pathway chosen by the candidate to achieve the goal which matters. By taking the opportunity to observe the candidate’s methods and actions, you gain much more information about their personality. The game therefore allows an objective evaluation of the candidate and gives a better understanding of their personal and interpersonal qualities.

What is more, gamification can be used as a social integration tool; the games are ideal to guide a new employee through their induction process. From getting to know the company and its culture to setting up their first network, there is so much that can be done in a more enjoyable way through gamification.

The aim is to engage the player in an experience to allow them to grow and adapt. Humans are predisposed to playing games and so using it also increases employees’ acceptance of the process by integrating games. This is very useful when introducing changes to your company!

Finally, gamification has proven prudent for training too. Learning is made better with games, and not just for children!

Gamification makes the learner proactive: learners are made to call upon their own resources and try different approaches to complete the game. In that respect, gamification boosts the retention of learning in a training context.

Skills such as communication, time management and collaborative work can be developed using gamified training. It can be presented in the form of ‘physical’ games or through e-learning, for example.

How to integrate gamification at the heart of HR and training

Integrating elements of gamification into your HR policies, however, requires some preparation in order to be sure it will work well for your employees. You can, for example, suggest an implementation schedule for play-based training modules so that the learners can easily organise themselves. You could also offer advice on effective digital communication for each of the company’s departments: ensure that within said department everyone has read the notices carefully, offer attractive communication tools… There are tools which allow you to create your own games for Human Resources. Drimify is one of these platforms, and it also offers you a variety of of innovative communication tools, thanks to its teams of experts.

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