Drimify Dynamic Game Path

Drimify Dynamic Game Path

All your games in one gamified application!

Create tailor-made interactive scenarios

The dynamic path allows you to create one scenario made up of different Drimify games

Don’t just tell a story – gamify it!

Built around you :

and your project:

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Customised graphics

As with all Drimify applications, every element of the interface is fully customisable:

Gamification and player progress

Success, failure and progression are what makes gaming fun – and you should benefit from those features, too. Players can win points and reward to add badges, winnings and credits to their user profile, depending on their ranking and total points earned.

Dynamic scores
Bring together each game with an aggregate score for that dynamic game path.

Score weighting
Give each game score a different weighting, depending on the desired experience.

Bonus points
Allocate extra rewards as points.

Bring out players’ competitive sides and encourage greater participation with scoreboards.

Externally-linking menus
Fully-customisable menu links let you send users to the leaderboard, your website or any other external location.

Easy integration and custom development

All Drimify apps are designed to integrate quickly and smoothly into your existing website, intranet or online platform.

In just a few clicks, you can share your unique game with your audience.

Drimify caters for more advanced integrations, too, from identification to API. Get in touch to discuss a solution today!

12 reasons to choose Drimify

Advanced Graphics Customisation

Easy Integration

Popular Game Concepts

Quality Gameplay

HTML5 Technology

Cross-platform (mobile & PC)

Branding and Co-branding


Super-fast CDN hosting

White label

The most competitive offer on the market

Delivered in a few minutes

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