Unite your audience and win their loyalty: from client to supporter

How do you compete against every business, brand or even a sports club that wants to build their reputation and their audience? On top of supporting companies and brands on a daily basis, Drimify supports large sports clubs around the world by putting in place a series of games aiming to identify and grow their community. These competitions allow participants to win signed t-shirts or tickets to matches, for example.

As part of each game, a form collects data on the habits and preferences of new and existing fans and even how far away they are from the stadium. By getting to know more about their audience, the clubs develop a marketing strategy to target a majority of their supporters and win their loyalty.

Drimify’s solution help us to recognise our team, our players and also our community. Thanks to the games we share monthly on our social media and in our newsletter, we bring together our community of supporters, making them feel even closer to the players.

The interactions between the club and its fans are growing and that is confirmed by the increase in attendance we’ve seen at home games.

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