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To spread the word about a product or service, agencies, companies and brands from all sectors use game mechanisms to build excitement, anticipation and desirability. Once they have captured some attention, the game is used to present the product and efficiently spread the marketing messages.

Using these techniques a marketing agency will be able to launch all kinds of fun and original media strategies for their clients. An e-commerce platform will be able to highlight its products and offer discount coupons.

I have had the opportunity to use Drimify’s digital solutions on numerous occasions. The first time was with a communications agency, working on behalf of various clients, to whom we suggested ‘gamified’ marketing campaigns. The second time, after a career change, was within my own business. I was able to put the same techniques in place for our events, when launching products, competitions, giving out promo codes and free gifts, all of which had been highly successful during my time at the agency.

My company uses game marketing year-round to promote products sold in our shops throughout Europe.

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