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A large international perfume and luxury goods company has launched numerous deals in Duty Free in airports in order to boost sales. When connecting to the airport’s wifi, travellers were invited to click on a banner to take part in a quiz. The answers to the questions could be found on the shelves of Duty Free – for example, “What shape is the new Hugo Boss perfume bottle?” – therefore encouraging travellers to browse the shop.

Participants could win up to 30% discount to be used immediately in the store. The offer was also available via social media since you can now preorder your Duty Free products online.

We strive to energise the promotion of our brand at the heart of Duty Free which logs more and more travellers year-round, so we were looking to stimulate impulse buying in an original and fun way. Using marketing games allowed us to increase the average spend of our customers by 92%. A first pilot campaign rolled out in London Heathrow Airport yielded excellent results and we then adopted the same approach in other large international airports.

We have used Drimify for many years now and it has always been a great success.

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