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Drimify’s services allowed a pharmaceutical laboratory to offer all of its clients the opportunity to participate in an innovative, cutting-edge experience in the form of an ‘Escape Room’-style game of Cluedo. The Dynamic Path™ Gaming Experience presented a tailor-made scenario leading the players to find clues to help them solve all of the puzzles and riddles. The mystery game could be played on a dedicated meeting platform or directly from your mobile phone, with both platforms sending players clues and secret codes to be cracked.

The aim of this activity was partly to develop team-work and mutual support between participants, but also to allow for educational follow-ups linked to practical cases relating to certain illnesses.

Our recreational activity presented the participants with a patient who had suddenly taken ill and been quickly transferred to hospital, the cause of their illness unclear.  As the clues and the stages unfolded, the participants were able to resolve the unexplained case.

The event kept our health professionals on the edge of their seats for nearly 30 minutes. The feedback was exceptionally positive. We have used this tool in over 20 different sessions all over the UK and each time it has been highly successful.

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