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A stakeholder in the international cosmetics world was looking to invigorate and revitalise its sales representatives in stores around the world. The firm put in place a game concept which allowed employees to quickly and easily register their product sales in real time from their smartphones. For each transaction that an employee registered through the user-friendly interface, their points gauge would slowly fill up. Once the points gauge is full, the employee receives a credit to play an instant winner game, in which a wheel of fortune game gives them the chance to win prizes and incentives.

The concept helped to rally the whole team’s competitive spirit thanks to rankings for each store and national rankings showing the top-scoring workers. For obvious reasons, this tool enabled the brand to boost sales globally.

We wanted to work with our marketing department to motivate employees company-wide with a fun challenge. This competition let us manage goals and reward our colleagues’ hard work in real time in a fun and engaging way.

The sales teams really appreciated this tool and it exceeded all of our expectations.

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