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Using marketing games as part of a communications strategy allows companies to grow their brand image and reputation, advertise their products and services, rally their sales teams and collect data on prospective and existing clients and partners all at the same time…all of which boost a company’s sales revenue. Marketing games are an effective way to communicate, whether it’s over social media, screens installed in stores or during events such as fairs.

They are particularly effective when it comes to converting casual visitors placing orders by offering promo codes, discount vouchers or a product on offer through games. This is proven to significantly increase the average spend of each customer whilst winning their loyalty.

In the incredibly competitive sector of online sales, offering engaging and original sales tactics on a regular basis is an integral part of our strategy. We integrated marketing games last year and it quickly became a pivotal part in our communications technique. Our audience is always looking for something new and exciting and that is exactly what our new communication style offers them.

Being able to customise the colour of game graphics to suit the different brands that we market allows us to put a range of promotions in place very quickly.

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