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To reinforce learning, a school decided to create a series of French language quizzes for students from levels A1 to B2 (foundation GCSE to A Level). Each lesson has a corresponding quiz to assess what was achieved in the lesson and ensure that students fully understood the lesson content. They also created a Dynamic Path™ for each term, made up of quizzes, games and informative content about francophone culture in various French-speaking countries.

The first term’s Dynamic Path™ is focused on France, the second term on Canada and the third term is about Francophone Africa. This allows students to explore different cultures through educational Serious Games.

The application has been very well received by the teaching staff and students alike. Adopting a more fun digital approach encourages the students to learn. Plus, from a practical point of view, the tool allows us to quickly create fun digital content.

The results are then accessible right there on Drimify’s dashboard. It’s a great immersive experience which allows students to travel through learning!

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