Create a Street Marketing campaign to grow your audience

We support many event agencies in organising street marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients, based on offering instant winner games to entice the public (scratch cards, spin-to-win, one-armed bandits etc.). In exchange for their participation and contact details collected using a form incorporated directly into the Drimify games, players have the chance to win various prizes (goods, discount vouchers, admissions tickets and more).

Hosts invite members of the public to take part in the games on iPads and touchscreens, but also on their phones by visiting a short URL created for the marketing scheme. This multiplies the number of participants and increases the volume of data collected which can then be used for marketing communication purposes.

During our street marketing campaign, the wheel of fortune game that we offered to the public through our ‘hosts on wheels’ generated a large number of participants and handed out a wonderful array of goodies! Our client then used the collected data for their online marketing campaigns.

The game has a power of attraction which really makes a difference for people, everyone likes to play and everyone likes winning!

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