Collect Leads and Identify Prospective and Existing Customers

Many companies, SMEs and diverse international businesses alike, collect new contacts and prospective clients by creating fun and interactive content on Drimify. In doing so, a brand can instigate engagement with its audience and easily collect information at the same time. This will allow the CRM or company’s newsletter, as well as marketing campaigns, to be adapted in order to target and convert prospective clients into existing clients.

Drimify games have proven to be incredibly effective not only in the digital world (through publicity campaigns, social media, newsletters etc.) but also in the real world (on stalls at events, in shops or through street marketing).

Thanks to the use of Drimify games, we have been able to compile a collection of effective leads which allows us to develop our customer and prospect base as well as our sales revenue. Whether it’s indirectly (via email) or direct conversions when we offer promo codes.

Using the game in our publicity campaigns has now become a given in order to generate positive engagement for our product lines.

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