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A recruitment agency recommends the use of Drimify to large company consultants in order to attract the best profiles for their assignments. Using the games to support their search, the firm was able to create interest and engagement with their audience.

Once they had garnered some attention, the candidate is engaged in the selection process: they first learn about the job offer and opportunities, then the company’s values and the advantages of collaborating with the firm which offers placements in some of the best companies in England.

Integrating games into our marketing campaigns gives us an innovative approach and helps us to reach our audience in an original way. Candidates are often faced with a boring job post which doesn’t necessarily reflect the prospects of the collaboration. Adopting this fun approach also allowed us to coney who we are and how we work together with our clients everyday. In my opinion, that is the basis of a successful collaboration.

We also chose to make the most of the Drimify team’s expertise to advise us on the best approach as well as the best tools to use for each campaign. The game has improved the way in which we communicate and is now vital to our strategy.

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