Attract customers to the store with touchscreen games

Drimify’s solutions help a large fast food chain get to know its customers better while rewarding their loyalty. To do so, the company installed game consoles in 120 of its restaurants, offering an instant-winner game that allows customers to collect their prizes directly from the counter. The game is based on a ‘wheel of fortune’ principle, offering customers the chance to win a dessert, a drink of their choice or discount vouchers to use on their next purchase.

The fast food chain’s main goal with this kind of offer is to collect data about its customers in order to better adapt its communications.

We were pleasantly surprised by the high level of participation we saw during the various waves of our campaign. We also noticed a significant increase in the average spending of customers after they had won a discount voucher on the game consoles, encouraging the majority of customers to visit us again and make further purchases.

We now repeat this type of offer regularly in our restaurants and in social media to increase the number of visitors to our restaurants.

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